Invited Speaker


Jing Wang
Donghua Univeristy, China

Biography: Jing Wang.She received her Ph.D in Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan, in 2006. She is now a professor of tribology at Donghua University with research interests covering fundamentals of lubrication theory, tribological applications in chain drives, rolling element bearings, grease lubrication, impact wear and fretting.

个人简介:2006年3月毕业于日本九州工业大学,获工学博士学位,曾在日本九州工业大学、法国里昂国立应用科学院(INSA de Lyon)、捷克布尔诺科技大学、美国奥克兰大学访学。主要从事智能测控、微纳制造及高性能数值算法等方面的研究工作。主持国家自然科学基金项目3项、省部级、企业委托及国际合作项目10余项。发表SCI/EI论文60篇,授权发明专利3项,主编教材3部。

Speech Title: Effect of Slide-Roll Ratio on Grease Lubrication in Reciprocating Motion

Abstract: More than 90% of rolling element bearings are lubricated with greases. The rolling element bearings are usually working under transient conditions. In this study, optical interferometry experiments were carried out on a ball-disk test rig to study the performance of grease lubrication in steady-state and reciprocating motion. Firstly the different disappearance time of the grease thickener fiber clusters by changing the slide-roll ratio (SRR) in the point contact zone is investigated. Steady-state and reciprocating motion are both considered in the experiment. The experimental results show that whether the steady-state motion or the reciprocating motion, the disappearance time becomes shorter with the increase of the SRR. When the entrainment speed is greater than a certain speed, the SRR does not affect on the disappearance time. Then the performance of grease lubrication over long working cycles is evaluated by changing the SRR.