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  Registration Types
RMB Yuan-人民币
US Dollar
Early-bird Registration
(By May 15, 2020 | GMT+8)
Regular Author / 普通作者 3400 RMB 480 USD
Author ( TPC Member ) 3350 RMB 475 USD
Student Author / 学生作者 3250 RMB 455 USD
Abstract Registration 现场报告注册·不出版 2450 RMB 350 USD
Late Registration Regular Author / 普通作者 3850 RMB 545 USD
Author ( TPC Member ) 3700 RMB 525 USD
Student Author / 学生作者 3500 RMB 495 USD
Abstract Registration 现场报告注册·不出版 2700 RMB 380 USD
Other Optional
Registration Items
Listener 1800 RMB 250 USD
Listener (Student) 1500 RMB 215 USD
Additional Paper 2500 RMB 350 USD
Additional Page 350 RMB 50 USD
One Day Tour (Wuhan) 200 RMB 30 USD
Purchase Extra Proceedings 200 RMB 30 USD


1. The first five pages of the paper is free, extra pages will be charged.
2. Student fee is ONLY applicable for students who are FIRST authors, the student ID card should be attached for proof.
3. Full registration to the conference includes attendance in all sessions of the event, present in one session, proceedings, lunch, coffee breaks and dinner.
4. Presenter registration to the conference includes attendance in all sessions of the event, present in one session, lunch, coffee breaks and dinner.
5. Listener registration to the conference includes attendance in all sessions of the event, lunch, coffee breaks and dinner.

6. The registration fee is not refundable once the registration is finished.

At least one author is required to register and attend the conference to present the paper. For safety consideration, please take good care of your belongings in the public places. Please bring your name badge for entering the conference hall. Please do not lend your name badge to people who are not involved with the conference. Please do not take irrelevant people to enter the conference rooms. The Organizers shall not be held responsibility for any loss of personal finance or belongings.


1. Please fill the information and complete the payment via Online Payment System
2. Please email Payment Order ID & Payment Email to icras_conf@outlook.com and wait for the secretary‘s comfirmation.
3. Confirmed by the conference secretary, then listener registration succeeds. Please print and bring Order ID & Payment Email file when you arrive.
If you need our help, please send your enquiry to icras_conf@outlook.com


The official Receipt of your payment | 官方收据/发票
After the successful registration, we will issue the official receipt of your payment, you will receive the receipt together with all conference materials at the conference site.

If you need the receipt before the conference date, we can send you the scanned verion.

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